Calls for Entries

Nancy Newberry - from the series Halfway to Midland, featured in CURRENTS 2014

Call for Entries: CURRENTS 2015

Juror: Alexa Dilworth

Deadline: Sept 15, 2015

Call for Entries: CATALYST

Call for Entries: CATALYST

Juror Alan F. Rothschild, Jr

Deadline July 20

NOPA’s 2015 Clarence John Laughlin Award

NOPA’s 2015 Clarence John Laughlin Award

Juror Dr. Carol McCusker

Deadline July 15, 2015

© 2010 Marc Pagani Photography

Call for Submissions: NOPA Slideshow

Deadline March 4, 2015

Open to New Orleans Photo Alliance Members

Brandon Thibodeaux - Mississippi 662

NOPA Accepting 2015 MPS Fund Applications

Juror Emma Reynes

Deadline March 30, 2015

Jennifer Hudson - Flora One, selection from 2013 MAGDALENA exhibition

Call for Entries: MAGDALENA

International House

Deadline Extension – Nov 6, 2014

Grant Hamilton - Spectrum

Call for Entries: The Perpetual Instant

Zeitgeist Multi-Disciplinary Arts Center

Deadline October 5, 2014

Call for Entries: The Blue Library

Call for Entries: The Blue Library

Photobooks | Antenna Gallery

Deadline October 31, 2014

Clarence John Laughlin - A Dream of Pearls, 1940-41

Approaching Deadline: Clarence John Laughlin Award

Deadline August 25, 2014

Juror Del Zogg

Terri Garland - Jena, LA (exhibited in CURRENTS 2013)

Call for Entries: CURRENTS 2014

Juror Roy Flukinger

Deadline September 15, 2014