2008 Review Prize Winners

2008 PhotoNOLA Review Prize Winners

Sarah Wilson, Susan Burnstine and Susana Raab were selected from among 60 photographers who participated in last year’s portfolio review.

PhotoNOLA Review Prize recipient Sarah Wilson is based in Austin, Texas. Her series, “Blind Prom,” was featured in a solo exhibition at the New Orleans Photo Alliance Gallery during the Fourth Annual PhotoNOLA in December 2009. The series focuses on an American right of passage, the high school prom. Wilson serves as the official prom photographer for the Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired, producing the students’ formal portraits and also capturing candid moments throughout the night. Doug Parker, Photo Editor of The Times-Picayune said “The success of Sarah’s work starts with a great idea, and maintaining that theme with supplemental photos that help move the project along without being redundant…The images are insightful, poignant and intimate. They help us understand a world very different from our own without being either intrusive or condescending.” You can see more of Wilson’s award-winning project at www.sarahwilsonphotography.com.

Susan Burnstine, second place winner, is a fine art photographer who resides in Los Angeles. Her ethereal black and white images are created from a collection of homemade lenses and cameras, assembled out of plastic, vintage camera parts and random household objects. Rendered with a dream-like haze, Burnstine’s photographs suggest myth and memory in a voice that is both personal and universal. Burnstine was profiled in the March NOPA Newsletter. She was featured during PhotoNOLA 2009 in a solo show at Canary Gallery. You can see more of her work at www.susanburnstine.com.

Third place winner Susana Raab is a documentary and editorial photographer based in Washington DC. Her series “Consumed” examines the influences and traces of fast-food production in the U.S. Her colorful depictions of American consumption capture the absurdity of our food culture with clear-eyed humor and wit. Raab was interviewed in the April NOPA Newsletter. To see more of her work visit www.susanaraab.com.