Focus on Publishing Symposium

PhotoNOLA Education Day: Focus on Publishing

Friday Dec 3, 2010
IHH Conference Facility
220 Camp Street, 2nd Floor
Fee: $50.00

Join us for a day of stimulating dialogue and information about publishing photo books. This day-long symposium will include diverse voices, from artists to publishers, covering many topics related to the art and business of publishing. Each participant will receive a Blurb book scrip, valued at $36.95.

A PhotoNOLA Seminar with Mary Virginia Swanson

The print-on-demand revolution has opened up new publishing possibilities for photographers. It has never been easier or more affordable to produce and market a book of your own photographs. The traditional publishing path has the advantage of a highly specialized team who brings their experience along with design, production, marketing and distribution systems to the table. In a self-publishing scenario you can create exactly the book you envision, but without the input and expertise of seasoned professionals at a publishing house. Which scenario is best for you?

In this presentation, Mary Virginia Swanson will discuss both avenues to publishing and help participants determine the pros/cons of each. Swanson will share resources from her forthcoming title with coauthor Darius Himes, Publish Your Photography Book (Princeton Architectural Press, Winter 2011), and time will be allocated for a question/answer period at the end of the presentation.

Mary Virginia Swanson is an author and marketing consultant that has produced and contributed to numerous self-published and traditionally published titles. Princeton Architectural Press will release her forthcoming title with coauthor Darius Himes, PUBLISH YOUR PHOTOGRAPHY BOOK, early in 2011. ( Ms. Swanson’s website/blog address is:

11:10-11:40am Jackie Brenner Presentation
Jackie Brenner’s monograph, Friday Night Grind was self-published with guidance from Tim Anderson and Fresco Fine Art Publishing.

11:45-1:00pm Lunch Break – own your own, off-site

1:15-1:45pm Dave Anderson Presentation
Dave Anderson, author of Rough Beauty (2006, Dewi Lewis Publishing) (plus Mets & Schilt/Dutch Ed., Actes Sud/French Ed.) and One Block (2010, Aperture) (plus Schilt/International Ed.) will share insights on working with publishers, black and white vs. color reproductions, and international and foreign language editions.

2-4pm Industry Panel: From book concept to the book store
Five professionals in the field will speak about their respective roles in the publishing industry, then open the floor for a moderated Q&A session.

Maarten Schilt, Publisher, Schilt Publishing
Melanie McWhorter, Books Division Manager, photo-eye
Jennifer Thompson, Editor, Princeton Architectural Press
Gregory Wakabayashi, Art Director, Welcome Books
Alexa Dilworth, Editor, CDS Books
Moderator: Mary Virginia Swanson

Image credit: Mary Ellen Bartley, untitled 1, from the series Paperbacks, 2009.

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